Saturday, September 27, 2008

Octoberfest in September

This weekend my town swells to over a 100,000 people as we celebrate Octoberfest. It used to be held in October but after a few years of cold and nasty weather the town moved it to the last wk. in Sept. in hopes of larger crowds and better weather. It's worked well and continues to be a yearly favorite here. Friday night is License to Cruise. A huge car show that closes many blocks of downtown with antique cars and trucks lining the Avenue. Music and the smell of hot food fill the air. It's a fun evening and last night was no exception. Today promises to be just as much fun with a huge arts & crafts event at one end of downtown and the next mile filled with food booths and bands. It is wall to wall people but so much fun and the event of the year in my books. I absolutely love browsing all of the arts & crafts booths. While I don't usually buy much I am bursting at the seams with ideas when I get home. I love seeing the creativity of other folks. I better get to sleep so I can get up at a decent time to enjoy the festivities. Happy Saturday everyone!

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