Thursday, September 18, 2008

My very first post

This is my very first posting on this site. Yippee :) I've enjoyed other farm girl sister's postings so much that I had to try this out. I'm hoping that here I'll be able to share my thoughts with fellow crafters and farm girl sisters alike. Have some fun. Make some lifetime friends and enjoy all the things to come in my next 51 years of life. By farm girls I mean all the sisters at maryjane' A group of wonderful women who are so supportive, creative and talented they make me want to grow and spread my wings. Check them out and grow along with me.

They already have me knitting again and learning to crochet. I've been making dish cloths but I'm such a novice at these crafts. It feels so wonderful to actually make something with my own two hands. There is a sense of accomplishment with crafting that is unlike anything else I've ever done.

Welcome to my site and thanks for reading my ramblings :) Please stop again soon.

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