Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Knit one Purl two.....

I found myself encouraging an internet friend who is ill to get out her crochet hook and make something earlier this evening. Not because I'm a bossy old heifer but because I care about her and want her to have peace of mind during this healing time. I've found that even on my worst achy days I find a sense of peace when I've knitting needles or a crochet hook in my hand. My mind drifts, my hands work and I leave the tv off and just enjoy the click click sound of the needles or hook in their rhythmic fashion as I work the yarn. No matter what seems to be troubling me this gives me solace. I feel comfort knowing that I am creating and fully concentrating on the task lets my mind rest of all worries. I'm not an expert craftswoman, not by far! Novice is more my speed so don't look at my stitches too closely. The mistakes are many but then so are the lessons I've learned from this calming craft. If you've never tried knitting or crocheting before I urge you to join a class either online or in your town. You may find yourself losing the cares of the day as you lose yourself in this ages old craft. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

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