Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get My Groove On......

Whew I'm up early this morning. At least its early for this night owl. Been up since 9 AM when usually noon or after is when you first get a glimpse of me...LOL That comes from working too many years on the PM shift. Day folks don't come home at 5 PM and go straight to bed. Neither do night folks. As time passes I hope to begin sleeping and waking more like a "normal" person. I have many projects I want to work on today so I'd best get at 'er. Wish me luck!

By the way, if you've stumbled on this blog from someplace across internet space go check out the ladies at They're the best bunch of gals you'll ever care to meet. Warm, loving, generous to a fault and as supportive a group as I've ever met. Best of all.....NO DRAMA. These ladies KNOW how to be ladies!

Gonna go get my groove on ;)

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